What is the Standard shipping time?

  • Standard shipping time depends on your geographic location. We invite you to take a look at our Shipping page to have a general idea of the delivery time.

How do I track my order? (or the DHL tracking number does not work).

  • For our FREE pins of the month, to keep our prices at their lowest, most of our packages aren't sent with a tracking number. 
  • Occasionally, DHL will automatically provide a default tracking number. However, this default tracking number won't be functional since DHL isn't the carrier. Any information provided by DHL such as  «delivery attempt failed» or «no package found» is wrong. The system selects DHL by default even though they have nothing to do with the shipping process.
  • Emails sent after your package has been shipped are the right ones to track your order. 

How does the membership work?

  • Every month, WePins will send a package containing our member-exclusive pins to our members. 
  • The payment is processed on the same date of the initial order for the next months.
  • Member orders will take 1 to 3 days to be processed.
  • Packages are shipped via standard shipping directly to your home address.

    I submitted the wrong shipping address, what can I do?

    • If you made a mistake while submitting your shipping address, simply send us your complete name, order number and the proper address where you want to receive your order. We will be happy to make the necessary changes for you.
    • You have to send us the email before the order is processed (usually the day after you have completed your order). If you fail to do so, the package will be sent to the first address you have given us. 

    I only received a part of my order, what does that mean?

    • Due to our many international factories, you may receive your order in separate packages. If you happen to receive just a part of your order, stay calm, the rest is on its way!

    How can I cancel my membership?

    • To cancel your membership, simply create an account or login into your existing account. Once logged in, go to «manage my subscription» and click on «cancel» under the subscription field.
    • If you have difficulty logging in, you can simply send us an email. We will make the necessary changes for you.

    What are the return or refund policies?

    • Depending on the circumstances (major defect for example), we will refund the pins, ship new pins or give a discount. Please take note that we do not accept returns. You can find more information on our shipping page: https://www.wepins.co/pages/shipping