WePins monthly club (Exclusive first month offer)

$0 $4.99

Every month, the members of the WePins team, consisting of influencers and designers, select carefully the greatest pins out there. Those pins are then shipped to our loyal monthly subscribers.

For an introductory price of $0, you will receive a brand new pin right on your doorstep. From then, we will ship a new pin every month, for only $4.99 a month!

The best thing about the WePins Monthly Club is that you get to wear different pins monthly at an incredibly cheap price. And don't worry, if you don't feel like being subscribed to the club after a minimum of three months from now, we will gladly cancel your subscription for you. 

All orders for the WePins Monthly Club ship every month on the date you placed the initial order. 

** Products are automatically delivered to your doorstep. By subscribing to the $0 offer, you may opt out of the WePins Monthly Club after the third month at regular price. If your card can't be charged, you will not receive the free product.

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